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Graduating Students: Reclaim Your Dropbox

If you have a Brown Team Dropbox account, it will change into a regular consumer Dropbox account 1 week after Memorial Day (for 2017 graduates, this is 6/5.) To regain access, you'll need to reset the password; previously, you didn't have a Dropbox password since it used Brown's single sign on.

Though a consumer account has a smaller quota, your files will not be deleted. However, you will be unable to edit or add files if you are above the consumer quota.

When this happens, you will receive an email indicating that you are no longer a member of the Brown team.

After you receive the email, set your password:

  1. Visit and click Sign In
  2. Click Forgot Password
  3. Provide your Brown email address
  4. Follow the steps to reset your password

Then, change the email address in the account to a permanent address. You may want to wait until your account is active to do this (17 days after Memorial Day). You have until September to change your email, because that's when your Brown address will no longer work.

  1. Click your name on the top right
  2. Choose Settings
  3. Under your Brown email address, choose Change Email
  4. Follow the steps to change your address

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